LED lighting lights up a new era of green building lighting

Tag:Media reports|Release Time:2021-07-08

LED lighting is a part of green building lighting. The green of green buildings does not refer to three-dimensional greening and roof gardens in the general sense. Instead, it represents a concept or symbol. A kind of building constructed under the condition of not destroying the basic ecological balance of the environment can also be called sustainable development building, ecological building, returning to nature building, energy saving and environmental protection building, etc.

Architectural lighting is an indispensable part of green building design. Architectural lighting design must conform to the three concepts of green building: energy saving, resource saving, and returning to nature. Architectural lighting can only be the real green building lighting. LED can directly convert electricity into light. It only needs one-third of the energy of incandescent lamp to achieve the same light efficiency. Smart sensors and microcontrollers can also be used to greatly improve equipment maintenance efficiency and reduce management costs, which really brings extra Energy-saving effects and economic benefits. At the same time, the life of standard LED lighting is 2 to 3 times that of energy-saving lamps, and it does not bring mercury pollution. LED lighting deserves to be part of the green building lighting.

During the 12th Five-Year Plan period, energy conservation, environmental protection, and low carbon have been proposed for many times, and local governments also attach great importance to the development of energy conservation and environmental protection in various industries. Under this current situation, Shenzhen Guangming New District has built the country’s largest green building demonstration zone. The construction of a green new city in Guangming New District is changing rapidly. 

The most built and largest green building demonstration area, all of which make Guangming people feel very proud. According to reports, Shenzhen Guangming New District is the first green road in the city to adopt LED lighting system. Compared with ordinary lighting fixtures, LED lighting can save 80,000 yuan of electricity per kilometer per year. In the past three years, all newly built roads in Guangming New District have adopted LED lighting systems. The LED lighting system plays a huge role in saving electricity, resources, and environmental protection in the green building demonstration area. This has played a pilot and exemplary role for the introduction of LED lighting in green buildings.

LED in addition to meeting the basic energy-saving requirements of shopping malls, hotels and other buildings. It is also possible to set the lighting parameters of the LED light source element or the lamp itself according to the user's experience requirements for the LED, because the user's direct experience of the lighting effect of the lamp is often due to the difference in the on-site environment configuration, decoration, space and atmosphere. A considerable gap; the performance of comfortable and uncomfortable light sources does not lie in whether LED lighting has reached the highest lighting output effect. LED lighting companies must first anticipate the possible use environment and the use of light sources before developing products, so that LED lighting It can also act as a lighting setting to create an environmental atmosphere or achieve practical purposes.

In addition to LED lighting gradually transforming large-scale retail lighting and hotel lighting, it can also gradually transform hospital architectural lighting, government commercial office lighting, cultural venue architectural lighting, and school architectural lighting according to the characteristics of each field and place. In the near future, LED lighting will light up a new era of green building lighting.

At present, although LED lighting combines the advantages of energy saving, low carbon, environmental protection, etc., it is highly praised by government enterprises, but due to various environmental factors, LED lighting still has many problems that require urgent attention. The lack of standards, insufficient testing and supervision, chaos and disorder in the industry, and investment speculation have caused uneven product quality. Product quality is uneven, so all green building lighting is a castle in the sky. 

Secondly, the light pollution caused by excessive LED display advertising has also caused complaints from many citizens. Therefore, LED lighting must enter the era of green lighting as soon as possible. This requires LED designers to be human-oriented, and to set light parameters, such as brightness, softness, and color vividness, to make the body in a comfortable and harmless state.

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